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5 Unconventional Traits All Successful People Have

5 Unconventional Traits All Successful People Have


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6 Things the Most Successful People Alwa

6 Things the Most Successful People Always Do in Their Spare Time

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Designing a Public Website in Office 365

There is a lot of buzz around Office 365 because it offers subscribers an affordable and secure cloud-based solution that helps run a  business run smoothly from just about anywhere. Along with emails and calendars, Office web apps, web conferencing, file sharing and mobility features, Office 365 gives you the tools to easily build and launch your own professional-looking website. What’s even better is that it requires no code, you can use your own domain name, and eliminate website hosting costs. Contact Trillium Teamologies for more information.

Sample of a site created with Office 365 – design by Trillium Teamologies, Inc.

Check out these easy to use step-by-step direction in building a site.

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Benefits of Online Press Releases

Online press releases can be a good, low-cost addition to any marketing campaign. They offer a great, side-avenue for an internet marketing strategy and can offer broad coverage through the web. A press release serves as publicity for your company, increases public awareness, and poses as kind of advertisement in sheep’s clothing. It is a piece of news that you can control. In addition it will help your company:

  • Gain credibility – Potential consumers will start to see you as an expert in your field and think that you should be the one to go to when they need the products you offer.
  • Get more traffic to your website – Press releases that get published on one of the media outlets will have your website link provided within it. Those who have reviewed your release and want more information will click through the link or check out the website.
  • Build a brand – What better way to get your business name into the minds of your target audience or anyone who happens to read your press releases. The more a consumer sees your business name being mentioned the more likely they will remember it the next time they, or someone they know, is in need of your products.

Start benefiting from the benefits of press releases today. You don’t have to wait around for something newsworthy to happen within your business before you can start benefiting from news releases. You can create news stories from what’s already going on. Below are a few idea of news release:

  • Special Discounts/Sales
  • Fundraising events your business is helping with
  • Offering Free Items
  • Awards your business has won
  • Any contests that you’re planning
  • Starting your business
  • Getting more products to sell

Don’t’ forget to check out the various press release templates Microsoft has to offer here.

Free Press Release Distribution links:

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An Email Prospecting No-No

We have all seen these URGENT emails with messages that read like this:

Dear [FirstName},

My name is Joe Salesguy from BCI? Big Company Inc. exploring an opportunity to assist your IT Software Development and Staff Augmentation initiatives. We help companies reduce the development cycle by 40% and save up to 50% through our Innovative Project Management approach and tools?

Our three step engagement model begins with:

1. Risk and Cost Free Assessment of your requirement
2. Followed by a high-level project plan proposal
3. We together decide on Milestones and deliverables of the project; know what to expect and when with no upfront fee

How it benefits you:

– No billing until Milestone and deliverables meet your expectations
– Dedicated Project Management Office to clearly understand your business model and align the development initiatives with your Business Rules
– Always know what to expect and when through our effective communication methods and project management tools
– Software Development Infrastructure that can be easily and quickly accessed and customized as per your requirements; meaning no initial investment from your end
– On Staff Augmentation, we offer performance guarantee on all our resources. Simply means; if you are not satisfied with the performance of our resources, we will replace them at no cost to you

Can you please accommodate me on your calendar for a brief chat to discuss how our service can help you achieve cost and times savings? If you need immediate assistance, please call me directly at XXX-XXX-XXXX ext. XXX.


I have a very hard time believing that these type of “URGENT” emails create anything, but an annoyance. Do you honestly think a corporate executive will read this email and say to himself, “Wow! I need to call this guy right now!”

Emails like this are similar to an untargeted direct mail campaign, similar to those junk mail letters we all receive. Sure, you might get a few bites but you could do much better if you invested a little bit of time making your message more relevant and compelling you could dramatically improve your results.

It is much more productive to send 25 tightly-focused emails that focus on solving a particular problem than to send an email like the one above.

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SHOW and TELL with Case Studies

Case studies are a very effective marketing tool. The reason is quite simple. Much like other testimonial tactics, a third party is essentially proving your message for you, which instantly produces more credibility than any other marketing collateral you can create. It’s a way for you to SHOW your expertise, not just TELL about it.

For the most powerful case studies, keep it simple and short and try not to exceed 750 words (less than 500 words is better). Always include quotes/testimonials in your case study; these serve as a direct and powerful statement of credibility from your customer. Don’t be afraid to ask your customers for a statement. Most are happy to oblige, especially if you write the quote for them and they just have to review and approve. Just think about the following things:

  • Whose statement will provide the most credibility?
  • If you are not providing a quote for the customer to review/approve, provide them with a few guidelines in what you’re looking for (i.e. – solution benefits, cost saving, reliability of your company, etc.)
  • Make sure the statement relates to the case study
  • Strategically place the statement within the case study to it makes the most sense

Tip: Since most prospects start in skeptical mode, use it to your advantage. Open your testimonial with something like, “I didn’t think we could actually decrease production line overhead until…”

Many people just scan a case study to pull information as assess if it would be viable to read. To make the case study easier to scan, use pull-out quotes/testimonials and bullet lists where you can. You also want to use images that highlight your product or service instead of stock photos or clipart.

Remember your case study should SHOW and TELL all variables in order to provide as complete an understanding of an event or situation as possible.

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LinkedIn for Outlook

LinkedIn Connector
Social networking has proven to be beneficial when marketing yourself or your company. Individuals, groups and organizations have recognized this and joined the popular professional networking community – LinkedIn. As a member of LinkedIn you can utilize the many networking and marketing tools it has to offer, including a down-loadable application for Outlook.

Get the download here:

The application has 3 main benefits:

  1. You can access your connections in your Outlook inbox and see their LinkedIn activity and profile photo.
    I enjoy this feature because I can see a picture of the person I am corresponding with ( it puts a face to the name) and receive up-to-date on any information they post.LinkedIn Plug In
  2. You can email your LinkedIn connections directly, which has proven to be very convenient.
  3. You can continue to build your network. With a click of a button you can invite an email sender to connect with you through LinkedIn.


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