6 Marketing Tips for Starting the New Year Right

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I look at every new year as a chance to be even better than the last and make a bold statement through marketing.

Take this an opportunity to review what worked and what didn’t fare so well. In marketing, there’s always room for improvement and the possibility to make more money. Even when your marketing plans run smoothly, there are usually new elements that can be added or different approaches that can be taken. Evaluate what worked, what didn’t and how you can increase exposure or results. Look at what types of activities earned your company a good ROI and what activities flopped. And for goodness sakes…don’t keep doing something that doesn’t work just because “it has always been done that way.”

Make a schedule of upcoming events that apply to your business. Make a list of trade shows, forums and any other events that your clients or employees may like to attend. Include the list with registration the links on your company website and newsletters. Many trade shows allow exhibitors or attendees to sign up for e-newsletters that provide updates prior to the event. You may also want to ask for a media list prior to the event.

Get familiar with editorial calendars. Most marketers know about editorial calendars. If you are unfamiliar with editorial calendars, these resources can be a public relations professional’s best friend. Essentially, it is a calendar put out by a publication that provides a list of topics to be covered during the year. By reviewing this information, public relations professionals can use this content to pitch their clients for specific stories. The calendars are typically found in the “advertising” or “media kit” section of the website. Many publications have already posted these, so if you haven’t done so already, visit the websites, review the upcoming stories and take note of the topics to follow up on. In addition, this is also a great exercise because every once in a while, a media outlet shuts down or a specific reporter moves on to something else. Confirm that your point of contact is still working there. Once you’ve got your list of publications, slated topics and run dates, pitch the editor at least two months in advance as this is when they begin writing their stories.

Get to know your company’s common goal. All departments in your company should be striving for the same high-level goal. It is important to strategize your marketing with this end goal in mind. In January, different departments are identifying goals and determining strategies for the coming year. It’s important to sit down with various groups within your company to uncover new trends and relevant projects that are in the pipeline. In addition to regrouping at the beginning of the year, make it a priority to follow up and do so periodically so everyone is on the same page.

Review and revise the list of target clients. Most companies have that list of dream clients…clients they would love to work with. Review and revise your dream list and come up with some creative and compelling ways to reach these clients. This may be the year you land those client accounts!

Never stop learning. There are so many different elements to marketing
and it is constantly evolving as technology improves. Take advantage of free webinars and low-cost seminars this coming year and broaden your marketing knowledge. Make it a goal to learn something new in the industry each week. After all…knowledge is power!

May your marketing prosper in 2012!


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