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Writing a Press Release

Press releases are a low-cost (or free) way to generate publicity for your company. Oftentimes the coverage is far more widespread than anything you could have hoped to say in an expensive ad. With that said, you don’t have to hire a writer or marketing consultant to write a good press release for you, but you do need some basic writing skills, newsworthy news, a bit of creativity and a mastery of structure.

Press releases should be clear, concise and should not exceed one page. When you are writing a release, you should also follow a basic structure:


Use the words FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE at the very top of the page. Next you should center your headline – be sure your headline demands attention and is bolded or in capital letters. Below your headline, you should put a subhead in italics that elaborates on the headline.


Let’s just assume no one is going to read beyond the first paragraph, so you better make this one count. For starters, ensure you begin this paragraph with the city and state where this news is coming from, along with a dateline.

You want to get the main point of the story out in the first paragraph. The most significant parts of the story should be the first details you read. Make certain the first paragraph includes all the vital information: the where, when, why, what and who. The remaining paragraphs support this first paragraph.

In the Include some enticing details or facts to spark curiosity. A good press release not only informs but also teases.

To give your release some added credibility, your release should include at least one quote. The quote should come from someone who is knowledgeable about the topic in which you are writing about, such as a company CEO or president. The quote can be used to further explain how your announcement makes you stand out from other companies. Try to avoid general statements about how great your company is; instead, use a quote that provides additional insight into what your press release is about.


Wrap up the last paragraph with a “for additional information” line, a place to find more details. An web site or link to an annual report can be great sources of information.

Center these marks, ” # # #” at the bottom of the page to indicate the end of your release.

Additional Tips

  • Make sure you have no grammatical errors
  • Press releases are written in block style, so no paragraph indentation is necessary.
  • Have an objective person read your press release and tell you whether he or she would be interested enough to read a newspaper story about it. If not, consider going back to the drawing board for a rewrite. Remember, when a good journalist receives a press release they are going to ask themselves, “Why would I care?”
  • Send your press release to the reporter that covers the area you are targeting instead of a managing or senior editor. Often, this will turn into a story much faster.
  • Keep the tone of your release all business. Don’t go into too much personal or non-business related detail or your press release will likely end up in the trash.

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