Creating a Newsletter in Word in 10 Steps

December 2, 2011 at 1:06 pm Leave a comment

Creating a newsletter in Word is a simple 10-step process. Here’s how to do a newsletter in Word:

Step 1

Open up a new document in Word & by clicking on the Microsoft Icon on the top left.

Step 2

Click on the Page Layout Tab and select the Columns Icon. There choose Three Columns.

Step 3

Next thing, double click on the Header Section and add a title. Set the font to bold and relatively large.

Step 4

Add a rectangle via the Insert Tab > Shapes. We will set this shape behind the title and give it a color.

Step 5

I chose a blue color and placed the shape behind the text. You can do so by rich clicking on the shape and in the pop up window select Order and Place Behind Text.

Step 6

Now add some text. Since we added three columns, we already have a nice looking layout.

Step 7

Let’s add some headers and sub headers. Add a header before your text in a nice big font. I chose Arial Black, 24pt. In word you have preset Style for headers, sun headers and so on. You can save your own style too. To do so, just highlight the text, right click and in the pop up window choose Styles > Save Selection as a new Quick Style.

Step 8

Add another sub title (e.g. a quotation). Quotations stand out nicely in a newsletter and highlight a message well. Repeat step 7 and add this to the quick styles so you can add it at any time.

Step 9

Let’s add a picture. Enter with the cursor at a point between the text where you would like to add an image. The add a paragraph and select the Insert Tab, choose Picture and browse to the image you would like to add.

Step 10

This is what we have so far. I added a footer the same way I added a header in step 3.


I fancied up the newsletter a bit by adding a First Edition Tab, a by-line and some vertical lines. All elements are easily added via the Insert Tab. In case you have more to say, just add another page, the header and footer will stay, so will the columns and your newsletter will look continues. Now if you like, you can convert it into a PD via the Acrobat Tab in Microsoft or print it out on your desktop printer.

To give credit where credit is due, I got the above tutorial from here. Sometimes it’s easier to use a resource that has been written already.


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