Event Touch Points

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I am currently taking a social networking quick start class with Jeremy Epstein and one of the topics we are discussing is “event touch points.” I was very surprised at just how many touch points you should include in an event. Here are the basic that I initially came up with for a company-led event that focuses on attracting the maximum amount of people. After this list I will go into the touch point that will make you’re event an occasion that will WOW people.

Get your employees excited about the event!!!!
Hold a meeting fully explaining the upcoming event – meeting agenda includes:

  • Event agenda
  • Purpose
  • Speakers
  • How to invite customers and get them excited about the event

Send out a meeting follow-up email, which includes a customer invite tagline with a registration link so employees can put it in their email signature line.


  • Post event on your website 1 month prior to event, include a promo add-on your main page
  • Send out a personalized email invite sent out 3 weeks prior to the event, 2 weeks prior, 1 week prior & a last chance 2 days prior to the event
    Note – Do not resend the email to folks who have already opened your email
  • Place event info placed on social networking sites – i.e. Twitter, company Facebook page, LinkedIn, blog, etc. (try to get others to Like, retweet and blog about your event)
  • Send out an event press release 2 weeks prior to the event
  • Employees to add event info to email signature line
  • Event reminder email sent out 1 day prior to event…include directions and include giveaways to increase excitement
  • Have salespeople invite all the customers they talk to and encourage them to send the invite to others
  • Post on industry sites designated for events – sample http://www.automationalley.com/a2_nws_eventcal?fcf=00B60000005F1l9&filter=Upcoming+Events
  • Call and invite customers
  • Send an over-sized postcard via snail mail
  • Reminder call to registrants 2 days prior to the event
  • Reminder email which includes directions 1 day prior to the event

Day of Event

  • When guest walk in they will be promptly greeted at a registration table w/ a company banner above it & balloon clusters on each side of it
  • Attendees receive a unique free gift along with informational materials about the topic
  • Name tags*
  • Have attendee trivia – correct answers get prizes
    This will promote interaction and participation
  • Great presentation
  • Break into discussion groups
  • Provide food and drinks
  • Event survey taken at the end of the event – drawing will be conducted with those survey that are turned in
  • Thank letter that included a great offer/discount

Post Event

  • Thank you email
  • A hand signed thank you note send via snail mail
  • A follow-up call


  • Live streaming of the event…you can actually stream an event on your business Facebook page
  • Short reaction videos of event attendees, which you will then post on YouTube
  • Include a link to the reaction videos in your follow-up email
  • Unique intro to your presentation…music, theatrics, etc…
  • Get your attendees to interact with one another
  • Name tags with additional information other than a name. Printed name tags can include “Name” as well as “From,” “Interesting Fact” or “Favorite Food.” Adding messages requires all attendees to answer the same question, thus encouraging conversation to spark between individuals.
  • Post event photos on Facebook and tag them – check out this blog
  • Make your event at a cool & interesting venue
  • Have theme
  • Make sure your invite is mobile phone readable
  • Use a hash tag in Twitter – get more info here
  • Create a mobile application tag for one of your handouts – include a cool offer once a person scans it in
  • Post your presentation slides on SlideShare.com

Most importantly, focus on being extraordinary and make it worth the time and money you put into the event…for both you and your attendees!


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