Developing a customer relationship marketing strategy to keep previous customers happy

August 11, 2011 at 9:41 am Leave a comment

Sometimes we focus so much on marketing to net new customers that we forget just how valuable our previous customers are…and we shouldn’t. About a month ago, I was running through my planned marketing activities with the Microsoft marketing manager that handles our partnership. After listing no activities targeted to our old clients, she honed in on how important it is to continually reach out to our previous customers. It made perfect sense, so I started thinking of how I can plan a well-executed customer relationship marketing strategy.

After much thought, I came up with these 3 steps

STEP 1:    Obtain an accurate record of your past clients and the work that you completed for them.
This is a simple task if you have been utilizing technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM, to automate your business processes related to sales and marketing.

STEP 2:    Develop a customer appreciation offer or event that will grab the attention of your previous client.
Example –
Several years ago you had numerous clients that bought a particular software program. Since then, this software has become outdated. You can hold a small event and also offer the updated software at a discounted price.

STEP 3:    Create a PERSONALIZED attention grabbing message & get it to your previous customers with a multi-touch approach.
You have already developed a relationship with our past clients, so use this to your advantage. Personalize your message to them using things that you know about them and the services/items they purchased from you. If you are inviting them to an event, sent out an email invite and then follow-up with a call to make sure they received it. The more touched you have, the more likely they are to engage with you again.

Just a side note…

When creating a marketing message, remember the following acronym

A    Attention – Use a powerful headline that demands attention

I    Interest – Intrigue interest and create curiosity

D    Detail – Provide details about your product or service

A    Action – Call for action


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