Lead Tracking with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

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Marketing should always have a clearly defined goal, whether it is driving awareness, nurturing (or farming) established partnerships, creating new relationships, or uncovering sales opportunities. A part of this goal should be tracking your marketing efforts, and monitoring the results. Knowing your leads and where they came from is just as important as getting a lead, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM provides the technology to help you track your marketing activities and marketing results.

Let’s say you are planning an event for prospects in your current CRM database, and you want to utilize a multi-touch approach that includes a postcard invitation, an email invitation, an email event reminder and telesales invites. After receiving one of your emails, a prospect contacts you stating they would like to have a demonstration of your product. Within Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can easily take this prospect, and reassign it to a sales team member, all while keeping a history of your marketing activities with the specific prospect.

*Microsoft Dynamics CRM also provides built-in reporting capabilities for marketing initiatives, where a report can pull on various campaign aspects including created opportunities, closed opportunities, prospects generated, etc., making it easy to access campaign performance reports. It is vital for marketers to have visibility into how in-market campaigns are performing, so that any needed adjustments can be made in a timely matter, so as not to adversely affect the remaining aspects of the campaign. It is equally important for marketers to have visibility to the results of completed campaigns, as this information is key in planning future marketing initiatives, as well as in determining marketing spend areas and campaigning for additional marketing funding.

For more information on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, please contact info@trilliumteam.com

*provided by OTT, Inc.


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